AI for Creators with Elise Swopes, James Broadbent, & Kate Whyte

Learn about topics like Enhancing Your Creativity, Workflow, & Productivity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.


When: Thursday, November 16, 2023 | 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 8pm EST

Where: ONLINE – Zoom Webinar

Cost: FREE – RSVP to secure your spot.

Join us on Thursday, November 16th for an online Socality x Canon Creator Lab panel workshop and Q&A with creator and entrepreneur Elise Swopes (@swopes), wedding photographer and Founder and CEO James Broadbent (james.broadbent) of Narrative (@narrativeapp), and award winning portrait and beauty photographer Kate Whyte (@katewhytephoto) as they offer practical tools and advice to help you succeed, enhance your creativity, optimize your workflow, & improve your productivity in the age of artificial intelligence.

This session will cover themes including but not limited to:

Enhancing Your Creativity, Workflow, & Productivity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Uncover the role of AI in shaping modern creativity.
  • Discover tools and strategies to improve your workflow and productivity.

Understanding the Changing Landscape:

  • Dive into the transformations AI is bringing to the creative sector.
  • Analyzing the benefits, challenges, and threats that come with integrating AI into the creative processes.

In Practice:

  • Techniques for fine-tuning your creative workflow for efficiency and innovation.
  • Investigating the potential of AI in expanding creative horizons and out-of-the-box thinking.

AI’s Supportive Role in:

  • Writing: Explore how AI can refine, edit, and even help generate content.
  • Ideas: Leveraging AI to brainstorm, refine, and expand on creative concepts.
  • Structure and Organization: Utilizing AI to streamline project structures, manage tasks, and optimize organizational flow.

Positioning for Success:

  • Strategies for creators to prepare, adapt and flourish in an AI-driven environment.
  • Tips on keeping a competitive edge and harnessing AI for enhanced results.

Exploring Concerns and Fears:

  • Demystifying common misconceptions about AI in the creative space.
  • Ensuring an ethical and balanced approach to AI integration in your creativity.

About Elise Swopes:

Elise Swopes is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer who has turned her passion into a successful career. She’s known for her unique cityscapes and urban landscapes that she creates using mobile apps. Besides her art, Swopes is recognized for her active role in the NFT space and contributions to Web 3. As an entrepreneur, she co-founded Sunrise Art Club and Night on The Yard, supporting women of color and incarcerated artists. She also shares her knowledge through various educational initiatives and works with tech companies to inspire young photographers. Swopes is a mental health advocate and currently serves as the Senior Community Relationship Manager and Evangelist at Adobe.

About James Broadbent:

James Broadbent: Founder and CEO of Narrative, Photographer at Chasewild Photography

As an internationally renowned wedding photographer, James Broadbent founded Narrative to empower photographers to unleash their creative potential. Narrative’s flagship product, Select, employs AI to assist photographers in photo culling, thereby saving them hours in their post-production workflow. Today, Select stands as the fastest-growing AI culling tool in the industry, processing billions of images annually for photographers across more than 160 different countries.

About Kate Whyte:

Kate Whyte is an award-winning commercial photographer and Canon Ambassador living in Vancouver, Canada. She grew up in Victoria and Saltspring Island with creative parents – an artist and a writer – who encouraged her to pursue her passion which took her to studies in graphic design and illustration. Her camera adventures began with event work and photographing local personalities for small magazines while working full time as a production designer at a tech agency. After deciding to become a freelancer, she went on to shoot and style food and product for international brands, but came to the realization that capturing beauty was her primary love. Her attention to detail and mastery of light makes her work instantly recognizable. Coming to photography from a graphic design background, her photographs feature strong compositional elements and refined post-production work. Capturing the unique qualities of different skin tones and textures is a priority and she enjoys the challenge of reflecting diversity in her subjects.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop will be valuable for photographers, videographers and creators of all backgrounds looking to develop and grow in their creative practice. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, digital creator, model, blogger, or just getting started on your creative journey, these workshops provide an opportunity to connect with others in the community and learn something at the same time.  

Any further details will continue to be updated and communicated as we get closer to the workshop. RSVP to secure your spot.

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