The Future of Content Creation with Hugh Hou and Keeley Turner

Join us as we share insights into the role content creation plays in augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Metaverse.


When: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 | 5pm – 6:30pm PST / 8pm – 9:30PM EST

Where: ONLINE – Webinar

Cost: FREE – RSVP to secure your spot.

Join us on Wednesday, September 13th for an online Socality x Canon Creator Lab panel discussion, and Q&A with VR filmmaker and Youtuber, Hugh Hou, and award-winning XR Filmmaker, Keeley Turner, as they share their unique insights into the possibilities that lie ahead at the intersection of content creation and the transformative power of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Metaverse.

The panelists will shed light on ways in which these immersive platforms are reshaping the way we consume and interact with content. They will explore how content creators can leverage AR and VR to craft compelling narratives, transport audiences to new dimensions, and create memorable experiences that linger long after the headset is taken off.

This session will cover themes including but not limited to:

  • The potential for immersive storytelling in AR and VR
  • Challenges and opportunities for monetizing content in the metaverse and new mediums
  • Exploring the opportunities for content creation within the realms of augmented reality, virtual reality, the metaverse, and more
  • Discussing how the Apple Vision Pro could change the way content is consumed and providing insights for creators to prepare and explore new ways of communicating.
  • Answering your questions on creating content in immersive formats (ie. 180 degrees, 360 etc.)
  • And more!

This workshop will offer the combination of a live panel workshop session with our instructors and a Q&A portion.

About Hugh Hou // @hugh.hou:


Hugh Hou is a Visual storyteller, filmmaker, educator and entrepreneur. Hugh runs a very successful VR filmmaking YouTube Channel (HughHouFilm) with over 120K Subscribers. A YouTuber with a focus in immersive media content creation and has produced VR content for numerous companies and organizations such as Samsung, Beijing Olympics 2022, Google, Meta, MasterCard, Canon, TikTok, LACOSTE, and Intel.He also directs and produces Mixed Reality music videos. He worked with musical artists such as I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, Cypress Hill, Moneybagg yo and SHAED. When he’s not producing original VR films, Hugh dedicates his time to sharing his vast expertise in immersive technologies and VR filmmaking on his YouTube channel. He truly believes that by sharing freely with the world through YouTube, mentoring and consulting, more creators will join the immersive media family. Hugh’s goal is to help the VR industry thrive and to improve the quality of VR filmmaking.

About Keeley Turner // @keeley.ann.turner:

XR Filmmaker

Keeley Turner is an award-winning XR Filmmaker and Webby Nominee. She has directed and created immersive VR content for Canon Meta, WSJ, Dior, Netflix, Top Gear, PETA, and Ford. She has also worked in the virtual production space creating plates used in a trailer for the Colin Kaepernick Netflix documentary Collin in Black and White in 2021. In 2021, she also had the opportunity to work with Cosm on the VR Tokyo 2021 Olympics by assisting as production coordinator. Her goal is to entertain while inspiring her audience through the use of cutting edge technology.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop will be valuable for photographers, videographers and creators of all backgrounds looking to develop and grow in their creative practice. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, digital creator, model, blogger, or just getting started on your creative journey, these workshops provide an opportunity to connect with others in the community and learn something at the same time.  

Any further details will continue to be updated and communicated as we get closer to the workshop. RSVP to secure your spot.

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