Beyond the Basics

Students! Let’s level up!

Welcome back to Canon Online Classes for another great month of photography & photo challenges!

In Photo Foundations you learned how to take control of your camera so you can unleash your full potential and creativity. In Beyond the Basics, you’ll go deeper into your camera settings and learn simple ways to use light. We’ll show you how to edit your photos and put them together to tell beautiful and powerful stories.

Just like Photo Foundations, each day will start with an interactive online Zoom session with tips & tricks plus daily photo challenges created by your instructor.

Everything you need will be shared with you and your fellow students in your daily Zoom. You can use your computer or smartphone to login to each day’s Zoom session, which will last about 60 minutes. Be five minutes early if you can, and make sure you have Zoom downloaded in advance of the session so it’s easy to login when class begins!

Photo Challenges

After each session students will be given an assignment in the form of a photo challenge that can be completed before the next session. Depending on the student, it should take about 1-2 hours per photo challenge. Some examples of photo challenges are:

  • Portraits of a family pet
  • Household objects arranged in an interesting way
  • Family portraits
  • Pictures of someone participating in a sport (i.e. Basketball, Skateboarding etc.)
  • Landscapes or nature
  • Self-portraits

We encourage students to spend 1-2 hours on each photo challenge resulting in 30-50 photos, selecting the best ones, editing, and uploading. 

You’ll be uploading your photos to a Kajabi account, which will be provided to you by us. An email will be sent out to set-up the free account prior to the session start and during the first session, more information will be provided on how to upload the photo challenges. Make sure to upload your final photos at least 2-6 hours before the start of the next Zoom session so we have time to take a peek.

This program is all about learning how to use real cameras which are able to do so much more than your smartphone (sorry, smartphone photography will not be included in this course!), so please make sure you bring a functional digital camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) to class. You’ll also need a memory card for your camera and a way to transfer images from your camera to a computer or mobile device.

Day 1: Let’s get manual

What we’ll do: Today’s the day! Students, we’re going to truly unleash the full potential of your camera by showing you how to shoot in Manual Mode! Understanding how Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO work is like unlocking a magic door to great photography.

Today’s Challenge: Today you’ll take 30+ photos of a subject you really care about (pet, family member or an object like your bike) under different lighting conditions. Use the Manual Mode of your camera to experiment with different moods and feelings. Upload your two favourite photos to your Kajabi account.

Day 2: We are our stories

What we’ll do: Let’s start by sharing and discussing student photos from last week’s challenge! Then we’ll talk about how human beings communicate through stories and how photographs can be combined to create something that is more powerful than words.

Today’s Challenge: Put together a carousel of 4-10 photos to create a visual story. You can make anything into a story: a day at the park, a day with family, a birthday, etc. Upload your full carousel. Outstanding photo stories will then be shared on Canon Canada’s Instagram account in the following days!

Day 3: Lights, camera, action

What we’ll do: Let’s start by sharing and discussing student photos from last week’s challenge! Then we’ll explore lighting and how it can transform your photos. You’ll learn how to use sunlight in cool ways, and how you can get creative with a natural light source.

Today’s Challenge: Take 30 or more photos that showcase your creativity with lighting. Try different techniques like silhouettes, spotlighting, natural light or anything cool you can imagine. Upload your two favourite photos.

Day 4: Advanced Lighting

What we’ll do: Let’s start by sharing and discussing student photos from last week’s challenge! Then we’ll explore artificial lighting and new lighting techniques. You’ll learn how to use any light source around you in cool ways, and learn lighting patterns to create some amazing portraits.

Today’s Challenge: Take 30 or more portraits, using the new lighting patterns you learned in class. Have fun by positioning the camera in different angles and getting different expressions from your model. Upload your two favourite photos.

Day 5: Magic of editing and filters

What we’ll do: Let’s start by sharing and discussing student photos from last week’s challenge! Then we’ll show you how basic and free editing tools and filters can make your photos pop!

Today’s Challenge: Take any photo you have submitted during previous sessions or a brand new image and edit it using the tips and techniques discussed in the Zoom session with the editing app of your choice. Upload the following two types of photos:

Photo 1: An unedited photo, straight from the camera.

Photo 2: The same photo after you have made creative edits.