Augment your ICT or Arts and Culture SHSM program, or enhance your Digital Photography, Television Production, and/or Media classes, with Canon In-School Classes.

Unleash Creativity with Cutting-Edge Technology

Equip your classroom with a class set of high-performance Canon EOS R50 mirrorless cameras and creator kits.

Expert-led instruction: Dedicated Canon instructors deliver weekly on-site lessons, guiding students through video production.

Full day in person workshops and hybrid mini-courses available.

Workshop topics:

Portrait Photography Deep Dive:

Through a live studio demo, students learn the art of portrait photography, while having a new headshot taken.

Product Photography Deep Dive:

Students learn the best practices of product photography by working in small teams to capture a range of product photos for an ad campaign / website upgrade.

Hybrid Mini-Courses:

Photo Foundations

Students learn the basics of the exposure triangle, and how to get out of auto mode and into their camera’s manual settings. 

Beyond the Basics

Students learn the best practices of lighting and editing, while getting a deeper introduction to different genres of photography (portrait, landscape, event, product).

Video Storytelling

Students learn the best practices of pre-production, production, and post-production, as they work in small teams to plan and create a 2 minute video. 

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